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Capture. Structure. Find.

Capture, structure and share information with your team, your community or your future self.

Capture content.

Stiki Editor is easy-to-use and lets you embed external content on the fly so you can bring all your info together in Stiki.

Stiki Editor

Formatting text, inserting tables, images and more become as easy as writing an email.

Integrate Google Drive & Trello

Integrating content from Google Drive & Trello brings your key knowledge together in one place.

Embed social media content

Embedding social media content lets you create media-rich, emotional content in seconds.

Add notes from Slack

Slack commands let you create reminders, sum up a discussion or store an idea for later.

Structure your content.

Stiki gives you the tools to create a flat and flexible structure that lets you add context to find it again.


Group content with tags so you don't build knowledge silos or get lost in subfolders.

Spaces with Access Control

Start with one Space for your team and create extra spaces with restricted access.

Internal Linking

Links from one note to another connect your knowledge and speed up the browsing between notes.

Smart reminders

If a note hasn't been updated in in 90 days Stiki lets you know so your Stiki stays fresh and clean.

Find everything from anywhere.

Access Stiki from every device, full-text search your notes instantly and share your Stiki publicly.

Full-text search

Stiki search is full-text and so blazing fast that it finds everything in a few milliseconds.

Custom domain

Run Stiki on your own domain and optionally disable the sign in to allow public access. Example

Search from Slack

Search Stiki directly from Slack and send your people to Stiki instead of answering the same questions twice.

Mobile ready

Stiki works on every device so you can access your content on your tablet and your smartphone.

Sign in with Slack

Everybody from your Slack team can access your Stiki.
No extra user accounts needed.