Is your team also full of Smart Creatives?


Smart creatives are the ones who can have a huge impact on a company’s success because they come up with unexpected and innovative solutions to unsolved problems faster and better than their peers. They’re the ones pushing the boundaries and moving things forward. In teams. In communities. In companies. In the world.

Why Smart Teams Write Things Down

When working as a team (group) messaging comes easy and feels natural, whereas it does not feel natural to write things down in a more structured way. Nevertheless there are many reasons why we should be more focused on writing things down — especially when working in a team.

10 Benefits of Writing Things Down

“Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think” — Albert Einstein

Not writing things down leads to holding all information and solving all problems and in our head. Unfortunately, the human (short-term as well as long-term) memory is limited in its capabilities to process information simultaneously and to remember it.

Thus, there are several benefits of writing things down.

The Knowledge-creating Company

“When markets shift, technologies proliferate, competitors multiply, and products become obsolete almost overnight, successful companies are those that consistently create new knowledge, disseminate it widely throughout the organization, and quickly embody it in new technologies and products.”

This quote is from the article “The Knowledge-Creating Company” by Ikujiro Nonaka. The article was written in 1991. Even back then he stated that one core task of every organization is continuous innovation. Today, 25 years later, the pace of technological progress is higher than ever. And it will accelerate rather than slowing down.